Filmed at Catterick Racetrack in North Yorkshire, England.


Documents the effects of Hypoxia encountered in cases of Hyperbaric and Hypobaric conditions.  The installation also named Hyperbaric-Hypobaric, incorporates this film as an essential element.


Film time: 20 minutes. Color.

  • Soprano: Nicole Renaud.
  • Original adaptation of Claudio Monteverdi’s Di misera Regina: Walter Kuhr.
  • Original adaptation of Gyorgy Ligeti’s Atmospheres: Bill Schimmel.
  • Original music to The Spongeman’s Dilemma: Walter Kuhr and P.E.L
  • Lyrics to The Spongeman’s Dilemma: P.E.L
  • Production manager: Marisa Ferrarin.
  • Cameraman and editing: Sandro Carnino.
  • Sound editing: Andrea Costa.
  • Costume production: Ann Selvig, P.E.L.
  • Historic diving suits: Bob Rusnak.
  • Divers: Wayne, Luca and John.
  • Funding: Peter Reed Foundation